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Matwork Pilates is simply that, a series of exercises adapted from the work of Joseph Pilates based around an exercise mat.

The mats we use in class are of a high quality designed for comfort and stability.

We use body weight and small props such as resistance bands, hand weights, squishy balls, and magic circles to create interest & challenge.

Most exercises are performed without props, so all you need is yourself and a mat!


Generally, the levels of matwork are divided into 3 categories: beginner, intermediate & advanced. However, what I say to all my clients is that we never stop being a beginner. The more you learn the more you realise that there is so much more to learn – whether it is peeling back those onion layers of our own bodies, or mastering an exercise, or breaking down a harder exercise into its core components, every lesson reveals something new.

With that said there are exercises which are considered to be more difficult and I use my experience as a teacher to pitch the exercise at the right level for you.

Most group classes are mixed ability, meaning I adapt the class to suit the differing levels with easier and harder versions being available.  If you have an injury or a back-care issue, are an older person, or would simply prefer to be in a gentler class there is an option for that also.

Class numbers are restricted to 12 which means everybody gets individual attention, there is no hiding! Don't let that put you off, trust me you won't want to hide in my classes. There is no right , there is no wrong.

That’s part of the beauty of Pilates – accessible to all!


Every session is unique, no one week is the same. I don’t follow a repetitive series of lesson plans.  As a Body Control Pilates teacher, I pride myself on providing a high quality level of teaching which is tailored to every group and is different each week. Time is spent on lesson planning to help you get the best out of your sessions; however, it is a dynamically changing situation based upon the bodies I see before me. Sometimes you can plan all you like but if everybody turns up feeling low in energy we may have to think again!


Once you join the group you will have an immediate sense of the kindness & happiness within our little Pilates community. We do enjoy our sessions, we don’t take them too seriously, we smile, we laugh, we relax, we move, we breathe, and we understand that sometimes our bodies don’t quite get the exercise 100% right. And when that happens then we realise that it doesn’t really matter. There are no judgements, there are no expectations, we don’t compare ourselves to our classmates, we just want to move safely and make progress towards our goals, whatever they may be.


Above all we have fun, particularly when the instructor says move a leg when she means arm! It happens I jest not, for I am human too!


We would love to have you with us in class.  Click the button below to send me a message.

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